Monday, May 27, 2013

Vietnamese special force attack USA B.52 den (Utapao Thailand)

Vietnamese special force attack USA B.52 den

Launched in the war against France in the Southeast battlefield, force the constantly growing; become special elite army, the terror of enemy invaders.
Mark B.52 lair at Utapao
Characteristics of commando is better to use a variety of weapons. From conventional weapons like guns to the DKZ, DKB ... And they are "experts" a master of explosives, explosive. Prepare battles Nha depots in 1973, over 49 studies have large tanks, each tank must be placed at least 10 kg of C4 explosives to destroy well. Thus it takes nearly 500 kg of explosives for battle. A group of eight sorties can not carry the weight well. Previously tried DKZ artillery fire hit but did not. With knowledge and experience gained, I immediately saw his 750-pound bombs falling away, taking drugs produced 50 100 kg mines concave, each fruit weighs 1 kg. Get the bomb shell hit testing, penetrating well. As a result, fire depots beaten for 12 days and nights, 250 million liters of gasoline burned.
Features of the great warrior is melee, and even-handed dagger. The characteristics of the martial arts in the melee battle with U.S. soldiers, South Korean troops vassals, made infamous battle-hardened soldiers must be horrifying. Meet cases under siege, particularly ready to accept the sacrifice, or network to network changes and gas information confidential soldier. As the battle depots Nha Bao and two soldiers were encircled Find the sides, and he "saw double" grenade to them. A former special commander said the fighting spirit and determination of the characteristic element of making heroic qualities of men, making the enemy fear and admiration.
There have been many battles and feats are told to. Own game raids Utapao Airport (Thailand) fell into a long silence. Utapao air base is huge in Thailand in the U.S., and this is also the only airport in Southeast Asia that strategy B.52 aircraft can land, take off. U.S. Aircraft B.52 usually comes from here and Guam to bomb North Vietnam. Government of that day we had a declared enemy comes from, we have the right to fight back right where their lair. Based on this statement and on the basis of analysis of strategic intelligence, judgment of U.S. intentions, May 10/1972, the Special Command assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Trung, army chief of staff, research Research and prepare plans for attack at the base of the U.S. aircraft B.52, when we increase bombed Hanoi.
The most difficult thing Utapao Airport in inland Thailand, ensuring logistics are hardly implemented.

 At first, the superior commander recommended for use overseas Vietnamese line. Military Commission Secretariat and answer phones forbidden to use force. A special group of highly selected remote 3. Among them, two soldiers again and Local Thai capital's two overseas Vietnamese repatriated to the North, fluent terrain, be speaking Thai. A detachment of more than three dozen missions to the support. Union station was set up in the woods commander Don Thom Ka located at the junction borders Thailand - Laos - Cambodia. This is the forest primeval trees three stories high, year round not see the sun. From here, the team was dispatched outpost scouting along the mountain 14 times Prech Vihia. There is an initiative launched. It is the technique used by the type of food children later. Three soldiers each carrying 32 kg of dry food, to the position A to the 10 kg, carefully buried and marked and returned. Each trip so dry food is moved to position B, C, D. .. During long way. Food is important to highlight vital condition of soldier sapper, both on the way to the target as well as the back.
The remaining problem is the media contact for orders to attack at the right time. The characteristics of the soldiers could not bring the radio, as this will affect the amount of explosives needed to carry. Union chief immediately ordered: to bring radio to hear the news, when listening to the BBC or VOA news coverage has a massive B.52 Hanoi, it is the right time to fire. Three features of our soldiers, an external protection for the two infiltrate the lair take, each hand touching the B.52. True peak 12 U.S. raiding day Hanoi, the fire fighters sapper fire hit 6 units, destroy 2 vehicles. So there are 8 B.52 were out of the fight, no chance to cross along the northern sky crimes again. The next day, the Western news agencies have reported comment. America was really frightened, they're incredibly far reaching and coordinated attention to such food. Through digital radio (secret), they talk to each other but do not understand what happened. At that time, General Vo Nguyen Giap immediately heard and asked the Special Command, the command station commander and asked hurriedly. After this hearing Colonel Nguyen Duc Trung full report details, the minister praised.
Prior to that, beginning in April 1968, Hong Lam Phung Captain and Captain Le Van Dinh at the airport beat U-Ta-pao Captain Le Thong was taken to a farm family in Bangkok Thailand. Due fluent Thai, nenhai the hard work he is confident boss. From this place, the two spy to investigate, research Airport-U-Ta Pao. U-Ta-Pao is the airport's strategic U.S. B52, how to Bangkok about 190 km. with fences, barbed wire, mines dense, carefully deployed rooms, located far from the Lao-Thai border. U.S. bases that are impregnable. Therefore, the number of frequent flying bases are present in about 20 pieces, which we used every night from 3-5 to a bombing in Vietnam. Each time studies, and Le Dinh Phung Hong Lam bus back to Bangkok at 3 pm. Until a few kilometers from the airport is dark. They get off the bus, walk to the edge of the forest and then turned off clothes, makeup and potential to enter the airport. Two him up all night to study, find work rules of the enemy to come out 4am bathing, wearing clothes and then re-draw the crowd back to Bangkok. Twice a week, two months uninterrupted so. Many times he had to take the B52, swinging up as plane tried to tuck mine. When they were sure to plan raids in early June. The last time reconnaissance incense, they found that the airport is abnormal. Cars carrying soldiers constantly patrolling on the roads around the airport, strict control all officers, soldiers and workers out in the military. It turns out that, due to the stunning blow at the U-Don, more vigilant enemy. This raid will be at risk. To postpone decisions and plans about China Uong.Thang 6.7 times guarded enemy is also at the Intelligence grasp more information and additional detail that their plan. Earlier in August, the enemy started subjective patrol said, less than the test. This is the time of the decision to attack. Evening on 08/03/1968 Phung Dinh Thanh Le Hong Lam and down the bus as usual in the U-Ta-Pao. By his second gold ore turned into forest cover, hiding places available explosives. Determined to destroy at least two B52, the two prepare two explosive results, each result 5 kg, tuck the hour, using special techniques hopefuls enter, pass through the barbed wire fence and then work quickly to where B52 two parked side by side. Fasten the right explosive finish 4 am, two members of the intelligence gathering place, bathing, dressing and cavalier about Bangkok. Car has run a distance from the airport then emits two explosions rocked the car window. A moment later a siren of a police car, fire, ambulance workers from all directions to the airport. Everyone on the agitated driver does not understand what happened without knowing the car has sung two smiling suong.Hai day after Thai media reported that "Vietnamese communist" airport set Ethyl U-Ta-pao, pepper kill two B52 aircraft and damaged two others, twenty officers and technical personnel killed Americans. Because the bridge was badly damaged so close to the airport ten days to repair. After that victory, the eighth spy medals were awarded victories (seven A-class and second class), Hong Lin Feng was awarded Hero of Armed force, two martyrs Bui and Le Duc Ke Sach goal was posthumously list Hero of armed force performance. 41 years have passed, 8 intelligence soldiers who left that day, people lose. Thong Le Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel Le Write The death was 20 years. Hong Lam Phung Colonel passed away 2 years ago. Colonel Le Van Dinh currently living in Ho Chi Minh city, Lt. Col. Kieu Vo is in the Pacific, Triem Warrant Officer Nguyen Van Quang Binh. As a secret mission so their victories were not mentioned in the mass media. And the enemy intelligence agencies have said that the raid on the two airports in Thailand is due to the force of Vietnam to implement. They could not believe that intelligence Vietnam soldiers are not only good at mind games, but the country needs, they are miles away from themselves as soldiers in battle. Because for 30 years of war, Vietnam Intelligence is an integral part of the Vietnam People's Army.